Dollarfuture — The Project Building The World’s First Bitcoin Dex And Instant Cross-Platform Swaps

Dollarfuture is a cross-chain decentralized financial platform that allows the movement of cryptocurrency assets across multiple chains in an instant.

Simply put, the Dollarfuture platform allows you to send any token from one blockchain to another instantly with almost zero fees.

The DollarFuture platform facilitates these cross-chain swaps with the aid of a chain bridge. This chain bridge connects to several blockchains and allows the movement of funds and assets e.g NFTs from one blockchain to the other. This works by liquidity provision on both chains.

For instance, if you were to swap DLF trx to DLF bsc, you would come onto the bridge and select the token you want to swap, then select the blockchain you’re sending from and the blockchain you’re sending to. Once you click swap, the transfer is instant and you will receive the funds for the inputted address on the destination blockchain.

The bridge allows cryptocurrency projects on different chains to expand both use case and userbase to different chains. Building applications across several chains using unique features that some chains possess e.g low fees, remove native chain restrictions on project functionality. This means that you can enjoy the scalability of BSC and the speed of trx without having to sacrifice one for the other.


The Dollarfuture platform also supports a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap one token for the other. This decentralized exchange is also designed to swap multichain tokens based on the liquidity provided. The decentralization of this nature will allow price to maintain stability across chains for multi-chain tokens and cross-chain platforms.

Bitcoin Defi

Ultimately, the Dollarfuture platform will roll out its own blockchain which will support dapps hosted on networks across the chain. The Dollarfuture Chain will sport feeless transactions for Dapp Scalability. It is on the Dollarfuture blockchain that the first bitcoin Dex will be built which will allow the instantaneous trading of bitcoin using self-hosted wallets. This will require tremendous efforts on the part of the Dollarfuture Blockchain but the structure of the Blockchain is designed specifically to hold this kind of load.


Total Supply: 1,000,000

Decimal: 18

Circulating Supply: 250,000 tokens

MarketCap: $3,000,000

DLF tokens can be mined by staking DLF, TRX, and BSC tokens on our mining platform.

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Zuri Olog

Zuri Olog


Dollarfuture is a cross-chain decentralized finance platform with swap, mining, lending.